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Food brings families together, and families are all that we have. Family time is the cornerstone of a healthy future. We believe that the value of each plate is distinguished by small traditional elements that have been refined over the years. 

The essence of family memories is captured by the meals that we share.

Mike Illion, Founder

A-grade Steak (21-day Matured)
15ml Olive Oil
15ml Lemon Juice
45ml MK’s Barbecue Sauce
5g Malayan Coriander Seeds
2 Cloves Finely Chopped Garlic

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Mike's Beginnings

The first Mike’s Kitchen, brainchild of our founder Mike lllion, was opened in Greenside, Johannesburg on the 17th September 1972. Since then, Mike’s Kitchen has become a trusted “go-to” restaurant for families all over the country and a South African household name.

In 1983, Holiday Inn’s entrepreneur, David Lewis, bought the chain. David continued Mike’s Kitchen’s innovative trend by introducing the Mike’s Birthday Club, which was to become an important element of Mike’s Kitchen.

In 1986 Mike’s Kitchen was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with 67 units nationwide. It was believed that an entrepreneur with a passion and vision for the group was needed to launch the company into the new millennium and a new beginning.

In 1998 Gary Comey acquired the operating rights for Mike’s Kitchen from Kingco. Gary Comney had the drive, passion and vision for the task at hand.

After Gary suddenly passed away, his wife Judy Comey and her team took control with the same enthusiasm and drive.

The Mike’s Kitchen Brand is currently owned by Wine Co (Pty Ltd) and managed by The Franchise Company.


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