Interested in joining the family?

Mike’s Kitchen is an unforgettable & authentic proudly South African brand that creates memorable family experiences.
Established on 17 September 1972, Mike’s Kitchen quickly became a household name for families across the country.

We are established

With over 45 years in the business, Mike’s Kitchen has truly stood the test of time. Our long history means that not only are we a household name, but we bridge the generation gap, making Mike’s the obvious choice for any family occasion.

What we offer

Our menu offers great tasting food in generous portions. Pair this with our high quality interior and a relaxed, family atmosphere and you have a true recipe for success.

Our marketing reach

Mike’s marketing reaches over 400 000 targeted people per month and we’re just getting started!

Our brand ethos

Mike’s Kitchen strives to create a family friendly venue that not only offers good quality food in generous portions, but also at affordable prices. Ensuring that we stick to this ethos has established Mike’s as South Africa’s most trusted, home away from home, family restaurant.

We are on trend

Even though Mike’s has a long and rich heritage, we are constantly innovating to ensure that we stay on trend.

Our ambiance

We’ve had over 45 years to tinker with every element of our customer’s experience – after all that time, we’re pretty sure we know the secret to the perfect family dining atmosphere.

Our customers love us

'Love, love, love this place!' 'Nice people & nice food.' 'You can't help but feel the good vibe.' 'One of my favourite places to eat!'
Mike’s Kitchen, the brand, the legacy.

Mike’s Kitchen, is a 47-year old system and one of the pioneering brands in franchising in the country. Established in 1972, the first Mike’s Kitchen store was opened in Greenside, by founder Mike lllion. Since then the brand went on to become a household name in South Africa.

Mike’s Kitchen is synonymous with Family Time and its brand values are deeply rooted, since its inception nearly half a century ago on family, generosity and quality. Even though the brand has changed its look & feel over the years, the brand ethos has stayed firm.

In May 2017, the Mike’s Kitchen brand was acquired by NRD Capital, a private equity company, based in the USA with over 1000 units between 5 brands and 15 countries.

More about NRD Capital.

NRD Capital is a private equity firm, based in the USA that invests in small to mid-sized brands, both domestically and internationally.  Its focus is companies that offer superior products or services and have compelling unit-level economics, and technologies which improve margins for operators. The core pillar of NRD’s strategy is to invest in brands where franchisee success is a central value.

Our support to you.

New franchisees and managers attend an intensive 5-week training program. The curriculum includes an introduction to franchising, stock management, basic business skills, finance, store administration, human resources management, point-of-sale training, and marketing.

To ensure they have a complete understanding of the operational aspects of the business, franchisees and managers are also required to complete the kitchen and front-of-house staff training program. Ongoing and on-the-job training for kitchen and front-of-house staff is provided by head office during the course of regular store visits.

Franchisees also receive ongoing support based on best practice models and national averages to ensure profitability of outlets is optimized. Assistance is provided in compiling business plans for stores as well as the implementation of local store marketing plans designed to maximize turnover.

Operational standards & guidelines.

Training & Development

Product innovation & Sourcing.

National brand marketing & Community marketing guidelines.

Financial guidelines & Development services.


Joining Fee:   R170 000 excluding VAT

Set up Cost:   from R5 mil (dependent on size)


Marketing:          2%

Management:   5%

Do you have what it takes?

  • You are suited for Mike’s Kitchen.
  • Mike’s Kitchen is suited for you.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit with personal commitment.
  • You are flexible and have a friendly, outgoing disposition.
  • You have leadership qualities.
  • You can comfortably communicate with strangers.
  • You can comfortably handle conflict and criticism.
  • You have background experience in the industry.
  • You have previously owned a business
  • You are able to function as a team member.
  • You are able to follow rules and regulations.
  • You have good financial management skills.
  • You have a passion for retail.
  • You understand the value of marketing.
  • You have enough capital at your disposal to make this venture work.
  • You have at least R2 million in unencumbered funds.
  • You have collateral assets for at least R2 million.

Do you tick most of these boxes?