Heartwarming photo shows elderly lady, 80, praying for waitress

A woman, Jo-Anne Hoult, posted a photo of her elderly mom praying for a waitress and it sparked a massive reaction online. Hoult revealed she and her mom visited Mike’s Kitchen for lunch when the 80-year-old took the waitress’ hands and prayed with her. The post, which was shared on #ImStaying on Facebook, read:

“That moment you stop off for a Mike’s Kitchen lunch and your 80 year old mom takes time to pray blessings over the beautiful waitress serving us! That’s the new South Africa, that’s a rainbow nation, that’s love right there!” 

The photo received 13 000 reactions and it was shared more than 400 times since it was posted on Facebook on Sunday. South Africans were inspired by the post and they expressed their views on the photo in the comment section.

Article supplied by Briefly